Custom Gearbox Assemblies

custom gearbox assembies from INSCO corporation.We are your one-stop source for the highest quality, value-added assemblies. "Value Added" defines a major advantage that our customers enjoy when they turn to INSCO to single-source their geared assemblies.

We not only engineer and manufacture the necessary gearing, we design, specify and purchase castings, shafts, seals, bearings, even motors and electronic components. We make certain that the assembly our customers receive is fully tested, and performance-guaranteed as a system, not just a collection of multiple-source components.

Dedicated Assembly Area

cuatom gear box assembies from Insco CorporationWe always have the required space to meet your project assemby needs. Our dedicated, 6,000 square foot assembly area is fully equipped with the up-to-date equipment required to assemble gearboxes of all sizes and volumes.

The Experience Your Project Deserves

Decades of gearbox assembly experience puts us at the head of the class in this discipline. We are fully experienced in planetary, parallel axis and right-angle gearbox assembly. Our knowledge and experience means we can anticipate problems and resolve issues quickly and our customers receive a more consistent and higher quality product.

Functional Gearbox Testing

Our assembly staff is experienced in all aspects of functional gearbox testing. These areas of expertise include electrical, torque, vibration, noise and duration testing. Our knowledge and expertise in manufacturing and testing gear box assemblies as functional units delivers the consistently higher quality products that our customers demand.