Facilities and Equipment

INSCO's 65,000  square foot manufacturing faciltyOur 65,000 square-foot factory is energy-efficient and environmentally compliant. This state-of-the-art facility provides for efficient handling of all phases of gear and assemblies manufacturing—from design and prototyping through high-volume production and inspection.

Turning Equipment

6 Nakamura-Tome TMC-300 CNC turning centers
1 Nakamura-Tome Slant 4B CNC turning center
1 Methods Slant 7 CNC turning center
1 Methods Slant 50 CNC turning center
1 Nakamura-Tome TMC-200 CNC turning center
1 Mori Seiki SL-2 CNC turning center
2 Hardinge hand chuckers
1 Methods TMC-15 turning center
1 Doosan Puma V550 Vertical Turning Lathe - 30" Turning Capacity

Gear Grinding Equipment

1 Hofler Helix 700 CNC grinder
3 Liebherr LCS 282 CNC autoload grindersgear grinding machine at INSCO corporation
2 Liebherr LCS 152 CNC autoload grinders
1 Reishauer Model RZ300E CNC grinder
2 Reishauer Model RZ701 CNC grinders
1 Reishauer Model RZ301S CNC grinder
2 Reishauer AF cooling systems
1 Reishauer AM-10 wheel dresser

Gear Cutting Equipment

2 Mitsubishi GE20A CNC autoload hobbers
2 Liebherr LC 152 CNC autoload hobbers
1 Gleason Phoenix 400GH autoload hobber
1 Pfauter P900 hobber
1 Pfauter P1000 CNC hobber
1 Liebherr LC 902 CNC hobber
1 Liebherr LC 652 CNC hobber
4 Mikron #102-03 hobbers
3 Mikron #102-05 Multi-Cycle hobbers
7 Mikron #79 hobbers
1 Mikron #120-01 hobber
1 Barber-Coleman 6-10 Multi-Cycle hobber
1 Barber-Coleman 6-10 hobber
2 Nihon Kikai NDP-2 hobbers

Shaping Equipment

1 Liebherr LORENZ LS 156 CNC shaper
3 Fellows #3 shapers

Milling EquipmentMatsura milling machine at INSCO corporation.

1 Feeler VMP-1100 5-axis CNC machining center
2 Matsuura MC-600VF CNC machining centers
3 Bridgeport vertical milling machines
1 Nichols horizontal milling machine

Boring & Drilling Equipment

1 Linley jig borer
1 Delta drill press with turret
1 Walter-Turner drill press

Sawing Equipment

1 Cosen C-260 NC automatic cut-off saw
1 W.F. Wells cut-off saw
1 Wallace band saw

Grinding/Honing Equipment

1 Shigiya-Seiki G-27 cylindrical grinder
1 Okamoto 12.5" X 24" automatic universal grinder
1 Sunnen MBC-1800 Power-Stroker hone
1 Sunnen Model MB hone
1 DoAll surface grinder
1 Dumont post grinder

Cleaning/Finishing Equipment

3 Better Engineering 300ZX Jet S
4 Redin deburring machines

Miscellaneous Equipment

1 Kapp NC Model AS204GT hob sharpener
1 Kapp hob inspection machine
1 Mikron 61/0 hob sharpener
1 Strausak hob sharpener
1 Hoffman HP16.1 dynamic balancing machine
2 Bellows air arbor presses
2 Heidrich-Nourse air staking machines

QC/Inspection Eqipment

4 M&M  analytical gear inspection machinesEnvironmentally controlled inspection lab at INSCO corporation.
    2 Model 3025, and 2 Model 3015
    Networked for common program access.

Zeiss Contura G2 CMM with direct computer control
Federal Formscan cylindricity checker
6 United Tool Supply Model 8600 pitch diameter checkers
ITW parallel axis gear checker Model 3518-2C
    Capacity to 36", equipped with chart recorder
3 Vari-Roll VR-D-2 Ultra-Precision gear checkers
Mahr parallel axis gear checkerM&M Precision 3000
Alina gear checker with recording equipment
2 Superior gear checkers
9 Sunnen (PG-700) hole gauges, .000050" accuracy
24 Sunnen Dial bore gauges
2 Standard Dial bore gauges 6"-26"
1 Mitutoyo #7003 dial gauge stand
2 Starrett #653 dial gauge stands
Micrometers up to 36"
Precision sine plate
3 Waters torque watches
Power Equipment dynamic torque checker
Various granite surface plates and height gauges
Master and Working gauge block setsgear inspection closeup at INSCO corporation.
Mitutoyo PJ250-C optical comparator
Rockwell superficial hardness tester
Wilson Tukon micro hardness tester
FIE Rockwell hardness tester
Louis Small Brinell hardness tester
Large plug gauge library
Spur and helical master gears, DP & Module
Gear measuring wires and balls, Inch & Metric
Miscellaneous dial indicators