High Volume Precision Gear Production

high vloume precision gear production at Insco Corporation.Large quantities of precision ground gears, typified by automotive industry demands for parts made to rigid quality standards at economical costs, are produced by our Liebherr hobbing and CBN grinding equipment under full Statistical Process Control. From rough forging to finished gear, we rigorously monitor every stage of manufacture. Our customers are world renowned manufacturers of transmissions and engines who insist on the best and get it.

Blanking, Hobbing & Grinding

Quality blanks are essential. The quality of a gear is directly related to the quality of the blank from which it is made. That is why we hold tolerances of a few ten thousandths, even on blanks as large as 36 inches in diameter. CNC turning centers, augmented by precision milling, grinding, broaching, and honing capabilities, ensure repeatable accuracy from one blank to the next and facilitate close-tolerance secondary operations. And to make sure that every blank is made of the specified material, each casting, forging, or piece of bar stock is coded at Incoming Inspection with the Shop Order number for which it was purchased.

CNC hobbers serve two purposes: rough hobbing parts to be finish ground, and generating pulleys, splines, worm, spur or helical gears that are hobbed complete to AGMA 10 standards. To ensure the accuracy of these operations, we audit the quality of the hobs we purchase by means of a sophisticated program custom developed for our gear analysis systems.

The most advanced Reishauer and Hofler equipment available lets us finish grind spur or helical gears from 48 diametral pitch to 2 pitch. Added to that is a broad array of tooling to eliminate or minimize the cost for many of our customers. Even a single gear can be produced with reasonable economy, while runs of several hundred are characterized by consistent quality as high as AGMA 13/DIN 6. For automotive quality gears and quantities, our Liebherr gear grinders are specifically designed for high quality economical long runs.

High Volume & Highest Quality

gear inspection network data collection at Insco Corporation.Our high-volume manufacturing cells are equipped with statistical process control capabilities. Each cell is outfitted with a Unite-A-Matic gear inspection data-collection system capable of connecting with in-line PC and network storage and analysis.  By having a high level of control over the process, we can insure consistently high quality at high production volumes.